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Ever Fallen

(Fall 2019)

Julie Page seems to have everything going for her. Even though she's from a wealthy family, at the top of her class, and planning to go off to college after graduation, she's totally miserable and feels crushed by the impossibly high expectations of her mother. After being bullied at school and fighting with her mom, Julie snaps and reinvents herself. She meets Ari, a street tough girl who pulls her into a world of punk rock rebellion and the kind of freedom she's never had. Unexpectedly, Julie meets two local musicians, Remy Sinclair and his best friend Joey. Remy's music teacher, Mr. Foxhoven, is pushing him to attend music school as he struggles with the idea of leaving the people he cares about. Remy and Julie fall in love and their two worlds collide impacting everyone they care about. This is a story for anyone who has ever fallen in love and questioned who they want to become. "Ever Fallen" is the kind of coming of age story that speaks to every generation.

TO LIVE AGAIN (Vivre De Nouveau) follows a Gavin Salles (Rob Merritt), a middle age screenwriter turned college professor, who is mourning the death of his wife. Gavin’s life is filled with eccentric characters who are all deeply concerned for his wellbeing.  When Gavin meets Elaine Rush (Lindsay John Bauer), a newly minted PhD half his age, he must come to terms with what means to fall in love with someone half his age.  To Live Again, is the second feature film by Dr. M.G. White.  His films The Ghost in Her and Ever Fallen have been featured in festivals throughout the central United States. As a nod to White’s favorite French directors the new work is a homage to Truffaut, Ozon, and Jeanet.

Vivre De Nouveau

(Fall 2020)

Other Projects

The Ghost in Her

(Fall 2018)

A Day With Lily

(Coming Spring 2021)


(Spring Fall 2020)

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