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The Bitter Hipsters...


M.G. White

M.G. (Michael Gérard) White is a former award-winning television producer now serving as a full-time film and video professor at one of the Nebraska state college. He is a published writer with a passion for telling unconventional stories. White was away from filmmaking for about twenty years, but made a comeback in 2018 with his short "The Ghost in Her." He spends much of his time teaching and inspiring future screenwriters and filmmakers. His favorite activities include drinking cold press, writing, and talking about Noah Baumbach.  

A prolific writer... Earl Horlyk, SC Journal

Marc Fustos

Marc Fustos is a production designer, effects coordinator, location manager, and over all executive producer. A native of Sioux City, Marc and Michael have been lifelong friends. Marc came to Bitter Hipster in 2018 and has worked on every project since. As well as producing for Bitter Hipster, Marc also heads up Dream Walker Films. When not on set, Marc lives in a world of role playing games and sci-fi fantasy fandom. 


Shelby Hagerdon

Shelby Hagerdon is a producer, actress and ADR specialist. She began working with Bitter Hipster as an actress, first in "The Ghost in Her" as Grace and then starring in "Ever Fallen" as Julie. Shelby became a full producer on "To Live Again (Vivre de Nouveau)." She also produced "A Day with Lily." She is currently an MFA in Screenwriting student at Emerson University Boston. Her pastimes include writing, watching lots of indie film, and being pretentious. 

Touring Now

Nikki Thompson

Nikki Thompson is originally from San Diego and worked as an editorial makeup artist. She has worked on both "The Ghost in Her" and "Ever Fallen" as a makeup artist. She was promoted to Associate Producer during production of "Ever Fallen." She now hails from Sioux City. Nikki enjoys spending time with her children and perfecting her craft. 


Brendan Smyth

Brendan Smyth is a graduate from Wayne State College and is now the owner of Smyth Visuals, his production company. He is also the head of media production at Sioux City Conservatory of Music. He is originally from Wisner, Nebraska. 

Ally Boyd

Assistant Director & Colorist Ally Boyd is currently an Electronic Media student studying video & film production at Wayne State College. Originally hailing from Omaha, she is also a talented producer, director, and editor in her own right. When not filmmaking she plays guitar, has dance parties, and screams lyrics while driving. In short, living a nifty life.


Stefani Pierson

Makeup artist Stefani Piersen is a Sioux City Native. She has been trained at the Iowa School of Beauty and done runway makeup. Stefani came to Bitter Hipster in the winter 2020 to work on Vivre De Nouveau. When not on set she spends her time with her children and eating fries dipped in milkshakes.

Other Crew Members

Sean Dunn - Production Assistant (Script)

Nathan Reiland-Smith - Production Assistant (Sound)

Leslie Hagerdon - Costumer

Justis Hoffart - Gaffer

Tatum Heyl - Make Up Assistant

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